Sig Sauer 380 Ammo 100 Gr

New from SIG SAUER®, the P238 Special Edition Two-tone with Blackwood Grips. It's just a fraction of the size of our ful-size pistols. A smart looking, small handgun built with the same accu

380 Ammo Federal Premium Personal Defense HST – .380 Auto – HST ammunition provides. deliver the power needed for personal defense situations. HST 99-grain bullet’s exclusive design delivers best-in-caliber expansion, outperforming all other leading factory. Product Overview. Proven since its introduction in 1989, Hydra-Shok® remains one of the most popular choices amongself-defense experts. Federal Premium® uses stringent manufacturing processes

The SIG-Sauer P230 .380 Pistol. By David Tong. Photo by David Tong. A previous article on Guns and Shooting Online (see the Product Reviews index page) reviewed the current SIG P232 variation of this handgun. This article is based on my experiences with the pistol from the late 1980's onward.

For all my knowledge and research into guns and ammo, nothing is as good a teacher as experience. Be on the lookout for more .380 research from me in the future. Because of the Sig Sauer Emperor.

The P238 microcompact by Sig Sauer is the ultimate firepower in an all-metal frame, concealed pistol. The P238 is built on an anodized alloy beavertail-style frame, and the SIGLITE night sights are re

You can order new Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 pistols with or without a manual safety. Double-action / single-action guns like the classic Sig Sauer P226 and P229 pistols are designed to be inherently.

The 9 isn’t my favorite caliber but with modern ammo and a high capacity magazine it will do well in a social situation. Of course it has to be 100% dependable otherwise it is a paperweight. This.

In addition to the Glock 43, a SERPA model is now available for the FNH FNS 9/40, Sig Sauer P250/P320, full-size and compact.

large wound area and excellent penetration. A “humble” 100-grain 9mm.

Caliber: .380. Number of rounds: 50. Pistol Ammo Type: Target. Grain weight: 100. Important Product and Safety Information. You must be 18 or older to purchase Rifle or Shotgun Ammunition and 21 or older to purchase Handgun Ammunition.

SIG .380 FMJ Ammo Review [Ruger, Kel-Tec, SIG]Sig Sauer All Pistols. World renowned and the choice for many of the premier global military, law enforcement and commercial users.

380 Auto. Both have slide widths of.

and the barrel is perfect for Hornady’s Critical Defense line in terms of performance. Now that there’s a 100 grain 9mm FTX cartridge in the Critical Defense.

“Accurizing” the Glock G40 MOS – These rounds allow you to hit targets extremely accurately at 100+ yards. How accurate.

The best results came from factory ammo from Sig Sauer Elite Performance 180 gr FMJ ammo. At 50 yards,