Remington 380 Ammo 102 Grain

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and exceptional accuracy in 40, 55, 60 and 62 grain bullets and a 75 grain offering match accuracy.

The .380 Auto: A Three-Quarter Forty-Five – 380 Auto.

Speer’s 90-grain Gold Dot load is a little slower, penetrates about an inch deeper and expands to about 0.55 inches. The Winchester Silver Tip and Federal Hydra-Shok offer almost.

that is excellent and far more so than other 380 pocket guns I have tried in the past. Ruger LCP Centerfire Pistol: A seven shot group posted at ten yards using Remington UMC 95 grain full metal.

380 ACP pistol that many people.

the DB9 ran flawlessly the rest of the morning. Most of the ammo run through the Diamondback was the previously mentioned American Eagle load and Remington “green.

Why Ruger’s LC9 Might Just Be the Best Self Defense Gun on the Planet – A Remington .380 ACP 88 grain jacketed hollow point round has a muzzle energy of 191 foot pounds at the barrel. It is also a subsonic round, traveling at just 990 feet per second. While various types.


Ammo 102 Grain Brass Jacketed Hollow Point review offers the following information; Remington puts their all into the Golden Saber line and this 380 Remington's Gold Saber 380 ACP AUTO was designed specially for law enforcement and self defense applications. Remington 380 ACP AUTO is.

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5 Cool Caliber Conversions from Bond Arms – Founded in 1995, Bond Arms was launched with the idea that the Remington Model 95 over-under.

barrel and adding a new 2.50" Mini barrel in .380 ACP. Although the recoil produced by .380 ACP ammo is.

380 Auto – 102 Grain JHP – Remington Golden Saber – 25 Rounds. 45 reviews Reviews. Ballistic gel test for 380 Auto – 102 Grain JHP – Remington Golden Saber – 25 Rounds. Ballistics Test Summary. In order to find out how different self-defense handgun loads perform, we decided to do some ballistics.

The History of the .380 Cartridge – Nowadays of course there are bullet weights between 80 and 102 grain jacketed hollow points available at your local shop, traveling between 870-1,050fps. These would be the recommended bullets for.

Is 380 Ammo Hard To Find Warning! Violence and the Supernatural. The fictional World of Rifts® Heroes Unlimited™ Sourcebooks Palladium Books® 12455 Universal Drive Taylor, MI 48180 380 ammo for a small handgun for the past six months. Customers at Bob’s Little Sport Shop in southern New Jersey told me it’s hard to find ammo for some rifles and for the

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AMMO TEST:  .380 ACP Remington Golden Saber 102 gr JHPBack to ballistics – Surprisingly, new ammunition innovations have improved the prospects for the officer. For example, .380 Auto performance in.

carrying Winchesters RA9BA, their 124-grain bonded cartridge. My second.

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