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380 Ammo Stopping Power The saying “use enough gun” addresses a host of different aspects of firearms and ammunition. of incapacitation indexes or stopping power formulas, other authorities both disagree or disagree about. Concealed Carry: Is The .380 ACP Enough For Self-Defense? By. Kat Ainsworth-August 15, 2017. 5. 35624. Pistols chambered for .380 ACP have grown in popularity due

Load Data For 380 Auto 90gr Xtreme Penetrator Ammunition. The AMMO our Partners' sell is loaded with a BULLET that is designed and manufactured by Lehigh Defense. Our Partners' Ammo may have different performance attributes than AMMO produced by from Lehigh Defense, even if.

Anyone using the Lehigh Defense 380 Auto 90gr Xtreme Penetrator Ammunition? I hear good things about this ammo on the Internet, but I know of no one who has used them in my gun club. I only plan on using them as a defensive round and not for target practice, although I initially will shoot about a 20 rounds to get a feel for the accuracy and.

Lehigh Defense .380 Auto Xtreme Penetrator Ammunition is the latest in their long line of premium personal defense and hunting rounds. Featuring a 100% solid copper construction and patent-pending CNC designed projectile. Xtreme Penetrators are among the best personal defense rounds on the market.

The .380 Xtreme series went through a design change in the summer of 2015 to provide consistent feeding and compatibility in all .380 handguns. However, a small amount of customers are experiencing feeding problems in Kahr .380s and Sig P238s. Take into consideration, most customers with the same handguns are running the Xtreme series just fine.

From Lehigh Defense: Lehigh Defense announces the release of their patent pending Xtreme Penetrator bullets and ammunition. Available for both handguns and rifles, the Xtreme Penetrator has a progressive nose geometry that allows for deep, straight penetration while creating a permanent wound cavity diameter exceeding that of most expanding bullets!

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This ammo was sent to me by Lehigh Defense for testing purposes. In this installment, I am testing the Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator (XP) Ammunition in .380 ACP; mfr part #07380085S. It.

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Kind of similar to sticking your thumb over a garden hose. The permanent wound cavity of the XP is from two to four times greater than what a flat or ball nose bullet generates and often larger than traditional expanding bullets. So what you get is exceptional penetration coupled with a larger permanent wound cavity.

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NightHogs Partners with Lehigh Defense, LLC – While the partnership started with the 44 Magnum, NightHogs has expanded its list of approved bullets to include Lehigh’s .40 S&W, 9mm, and .380 ACP XP Technology bullets.

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