380 Ammo More Expensive Than 9mm

And the 9mm is less expensive when looking at ammo prices because it is a more mass-produced round. The 380 ACP may fit some people better than the 9mm and vice versa. When it comes to your EDC gun, it's important to ensure the weapon you choose works for you.

It's because 9mm is a military caliber and the volume side of the equation is unbelievably in favor of the 9mm compared to the .380. If you look at FMJ factory reload ammo particularly there is a stable flow of cheap high quality one time used brass coming out of the military prime for reloading.

The team at Lucky Gunner just published a collection of handgun ballistic data that’s shedding a ton of light on pistol ammo performance for shooters. The handgun ammo tests, which cover 117 different.

They aren't allowed to use military calibers. Many have moved to the .380 acp or 9x17mm. There is also not near as many made as 9×19 ammo. The popularity of the .380 also spiked and the ammo manufacturers are just now getting caught up to the demand. I doubt it will every be cheaper than 9mm though.

Mike hit the nail on the head. The ammo companies are producing more of the 9mm for military use and other supply line but periodically run the .380 line which involves stopping the line to re-tool and calibrate.

The biggest downside which I didn't see you mention is the price per round. .380 ammo is expensive, so shooting it a lot for practice is pricey. Everyone who's carrying IS practicing, right? 😉 My main carry is a compact Springfield XDS 9mm 3.3", but it is quite a bit larger and heavier than my .380.

The one reason .380 is more expensive than the 9mm is because the 9mm is a NATO round and therefor there are far more 9mm's on the market. When the economics are factored in, its easy to see why manufacturers are able to mass produce 9mm ammunition at a reduced rate.

We are often asked why 380 ammo costs more than other ammo such as 9mm. 9mm is extremely popular and has been shot for over 100 years. If you are purchasing your first concealed carry weapon and want more power than either of these rounds, consider something that shoots handgun.

This hammerless J-frame revolver has spent more time in my front pocket than any other gun I own. It is rugged, reliable and accurate. It handles +P .38 Special ammo.

380 ACP pistol that may be in.

That, and I have read that most manufacturers consider the .380 Auto, more of a "seasonal" round.

at least in the past. The 9mm Luger round is something they make around the clock, where .380 is not so much that way.

at least in the past, but maybe not so much now.

Black Hills currently offers the Tac-XP loads in 9mm P, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, with a .380 ACP load coming down the road. (PoliceOne Image) Folks with more ammunition expertise than I.

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Why is .380 ammo more expensive than Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Nino, Apr 27, 2014. Apr 27, 2014 #1 . Nino New Member. 165 1. Virginia. 9mm? I bought a Glock 42 for a pocket gun and for my kids to shoot. I assumed ammo would be the same or cheaper than 9mm because it's basically a 9.

125 Grain Hollow Point Bullet For.

and not add much more to a soldier’s combat load than a 9mm round but would have much more stopping power. I have sold all my .357′s, 9×19′s, 9×18′s and will sell.

.380 is much more popular as a defensive rounds, therefore more people carry it, and demand is much stronger. But the demand is restricted to mainly defensive ammo sales. the ol' 9 mil is in everybodys bag, in defensive form as well as target/plinkin form. its more of a range caliber and much higher volumes are made because sales are virtually guaranteed.

Why is the .380 round more expensive than the 9mm?.

since glock and other manufacturers are coming out with new models in 380 the price of ammo is starting to drop

9mmParabellum, aka 9mm NATO, 9×19, 9mm Luger is likely the most common pistol caliber on the planet for both military and non-military use. There is LOTs of it. Prices are kept low by high consumer demand, fierce manufacturer price point competiti.

Why? I can shoot a 9mm better than a 40, as well as train more with one due to the ammo being less expensive. 40 is less expensive than 45, even if you reload. When loaded with modern bonded JHP ammo any of them will get the job done. A 9mm is a better performer than a 380, but if it isn’t carried it won’t do you any good.

The 9mm does in fact shooting a higher grain bullet from a longer casing. Now as much as I see 380 in all the stores now as opposed to earlier in the year, they still like to charge out the a**. Is the price of Is the price of 380 going to fall below 9mm prices eventually? Or has it always been more expensive?

I was buying ammo at walmart today, bought some .380 for my Kel-tec, and I picked up some 9mm to shoot in my XD w/ my new EFK 9mm conversion ,and to my suprise the 380 was almost twice as much as the 9mm.I paid $11.34 for 100 pack of 9mm WWB target loads. $17.00 for the same in .380! why is 9mm so much cheaper than .380?

Where Has All The Ammo Gone? – These days you might be lucky to have any ammo for that gunfight. It seems that it is virtually impossible to find some of the most popular calibers on dealers’ shelves these days. I went out the.

380, the AMT Backup, Beretta Cheetah .380, or a 1911 Commander/Defender in .45 or 9mm if you were willing to carry a.

The CW9 is a little uglier and less refined than its more expensive.

Available in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .380.

ammo, provides up to 16% less felt recoil and considerably less weight in loaded magazines. In testing the 9mm and .40 S&W ammo at Liberty’s home range,

Remington UMC 9mm: Good enough for self defense? – Premium ammo is more expensive than traditional hollowpoint.

A 115-grain bullet is on the light end of the most popular bullet weights in 9mm, which means it tends to have faster muzzle velocities.

.380 ammo vs. 9mm. ammo. Thread starter jjccamis. That, and I have read that most manufacturers consider the .380 Auto, more of a "seasonal" round.

at least in the past. The 9mm Luger round is something they make around the clock, where .380 is not so much that way.

at least in the past, but.

Carbine Training: 9mm vs. .223 Rem – First of all, training ammo for the.

Rifle grade steel is more expensive, heavier, and generally harder to come by than comparable pistol grade steel targets. One solution is to purchase a couple,