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.380 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) is an extremely popular round for self-defense, despite how old it is. Wondering what some of the best ammunition choices for this popular caliber are? We will go over some of the highest quality ammunition offerings, reviewing them in terms of ballistics, deadliness, and price.

I would think very little .380 ammo is sold because a box could be a lifetime supply! And this causes it to be expensive!

Best 380 Range Training Ammo. .380 Auto Federal American Eagle 95 Grain FMJ. The Federal American Eagle line is popular with range shooters for training and plinking.

There are less expensive brands of .380 ammo offered in the local gun shops around here. In fact, it is about the same price as 9mm ammo of the same brand.

Accurate fire from the pocket.

at a low price – It was one of the least expensive handguns we have.

We know that 380 Auto is a “marginal” caliber, but we cannot argue with the ability to deliver accurate fire from the pocket. This is a gun that.

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‘ class=’alignleft’>The Hornady Custom .380 ACP features their XTP projectile that penetrates very well. This projectile is really the key to this ammunition’s success. It penetrates and has controlled expansion to allow the round to gradually expand as it travels through the body. The rounds aren’t too expensive and are pretty common.

Ruger LC380 Semi-Auto Pistol – 380 ACP. The popularity of this pistol.

The LC380 reliably digested a variety of self-defense and ball ammunition, with no malfunctions in the course of testing. This included some less expensive.

.380 ACP ammo is the comeback kid of handgun cartridges. The caliber is older than most people realize with a history dating back to 1908 when Colt was looking for a cartridge that was a compromise in power and size for their compact pocket automatic.

380 Ammo Speed Loader Top 5 380 Ammo G2 Research Expands its R.I.P. Self-Defense Ammo Line – 380 to. per second from a 5-inch handgun, G2 Research officials maintain. “G2 Research found that higher velocities do not significantly increase the R.I.P. round’s devastating results,” according. 380 ammunition for sale. 380 ammunition for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition

Dec 26, 2010  · Why exactly is 380 ammo more expensive STILL than 9mm? We are all well aware of the great popularity of the 380 pocket pistols nowadays, but why is 9mm still A LOT cheaper? The 9mm does in fact shooting a higher grain bullet from a longer casing.

It's because 9mm is a military caliber and the volume side of the equation is unbelievably in favor of the 9mm compared to the .380. If you look at FMJ factory reload ammo particularly there is a stable flow of cheap high quality one time used brass coming out of the military prime for reloading.

Feb 24, 2014  · What happened to .380 ACP ammo? This is a discussion on What happened to .380 ACP ammo? within the Ammo and Reloading forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I am having a hard time finding .380 ACP target ammo. I’ve been checking.

Hornady Critical Defense .380 Ammo Before and After Expansion. Defensive ammunition is purpose-built to shoot people, animals, and the occasional overtly aggressive watermelons that are.

Lead Round Nose (LRN): When a shooter’s goal is to buy .380 ammo cheap, they can find it with LRN rounds. These cartridges have the same lead bullet, but these aren’t jacketed, making them less expensive than other options. LRN bulk .380 ammo is used for plinking, target shooting, and training.

Testing the .380 Auto – 380 Auto as a viable off-duty round and moved on to something bigger. If there is anything we could learn from the past few years, it is that the .380 Auto has its place, and the ammo just gets.


Apr 22, 2019  · The .380, if memory serves, shot an 88-grain bullet at between 1100-1200 fps. You would not want to shoot very many of those in a session, for sure but for sheer power, at that time it was about the best going in that caliber. Let’s look at the evolution of the .380 and its ammo. The .380’s History

Why does .380 ACP cost more than 9mm ammo? We are often asked why 380 ammo costs more than other ammo such as 9mm. 9mm is extremely popular and has been shot for over 100 years. The 9mm round is the world’s most popular military cartridge and 9mm pistols are readily available all over the world both new and used.

Gun shops report ammunition shortages – He said a 50-round box of .380 ammunition sells for $49.95, twice the pre-election price. One reason for the shortage, ammunition-makers say, is that panic buying tends to be short-lived, while.

Apache Junction, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- In this article I am discussing making jacketed bullets by swaging with my friend John from CMA Custom Ammunition.

It is fairly expensive to get into swaging.

Aug 27, 2011  · Around here (Salem) there’s no place to get any of the cheaper Eastern-Bloc ammo. It is a supply issue in my opinion, most local shops only stock 1 or 2 types of .380 ammo, and usually that is the $$$ personal defense kind, not the practice kind.

380 ACP pistols with lightweight polymer.

All too often folks pack one type of ammunition in their carry guns while practicing with something else. Practice loads are less expensive, but they.

We are often asked why 380 ammo costs more than other ammo such as 9mm. 9mm is extremely The raw material of the .380 ACP ammo is cheaper, however it costs more than 9mm ammo because.

Apr 03, 2017  · High demand and low supply. It’s the same reason I used to be able to buy a brick of .22lr for $10, but now have to pay $40+. It’s not really considered a “mainstream” cartridge for self defense anymore compared to 9x19mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, al.

10 Low-Recoil Defensive Handguns – As a result, some gunwriters feel this particular gun and ammunition combination may be too light for.

MSRP: $1,299.99 4. Ruger LC380 .380 ACP Ruger offers two easy-to-carry defensive options with.

I have never owned a .380 pocket gun as the ammo is so expensive around these parts. From what I understand, .380 is a chopped down 9mm (please correct me if I am wrong).

Ammo companies produce less of it overall, so the economy of scale is far worse. There's never really a surplus supply of the stuff, so theres no market forces to push down the price. I would wager a guess that ".380 ACP ammo line" at most ammo plants is either an intermittent thing or something thats not run full out. -Mike

The .380's usually a lower volume, so yes, the inventory investment cost of .380auto ammo is Again, it should NEVER be a lot more expensive. Personally, if I notice that a shop has .380auto ammo a lot.

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Even though it is lesser-expensive than the PMC load listed above, it is put together to the highest Have sufficient expansion. Not all .380 ammo is going to be pulled out of a soft target perfectly.

380 ammo can be marked as ACP or Auto, both are interchangeable with each other. 380 ACP ammunition is the most popular civilian cartridge in Europe. To find bulk 380 auto ammunition , use the "Sort By" toggle at the top of the page.