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Tip leads to capture of last two maximum-security inmates who escaped from a California jail last week – The last two fugitives who broke out a California jail last week were arrested on a.

San Francisco police found rounds of .380-caliber ammunition in the van, but did not locate a gun, Gatpandan.

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Final two California escapees captured near upscale store – Los Angeles (AFP) – The two remaining escapees from a jail break in southern California have been captured in San.

Hutchens said "a number of" rounds of .380-caliber ammunition — but no weapons –.

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which is known by the State of California to cause.

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The two remaining prisoners.

A preliminary investigation found 380 rounds of ammunition in the van but no weapon. Hutchens, praised the person who spotted the van. The bystander.

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380 auto ammo for sale today is also compact and lightweight, and thus has a relatively short range and lower stopping power than other larger pistol cartridges. Nonetheless it is a widely used defense cartridge that is suitable for individuals that need a lightweight pistol with manageable recoil.

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Two last California jail escapees caught in San Francisco after tip – 380-caliber ammunition in the van, but did not locate a gun.

Like the New York breakout, the California escape involved a female civilian employee of the correctional facility who provided help,

Escaped California inmates recaptured in San Francisco after weeklong hunt – 380 ammunition rounds” but no weapon.

when he walked up to a friend’s southern California auto shop and had her call police. He then stood smoking a cigarette until police arrested him. The three.

A San Jose man was sentenced to six years for being a felon in possession of a gun and ammunition. (Shutterstock) SAN JOSE, CA — A 38-year-old San Jose man.

he had a loaded Colt Mk IV .380 caliber.

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